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World Habitat Research & Creativity


About us

We are professionals from the peacebuilding, humanitarian and development fields who work co-creatively with individuals and organizations in finding solutions to complex problems.

Rina Alluri

Business and peace. Natural resource management. Story telling.

Esther Leemann

Rural livelihoods. Science communication. Urban gardening.

Values and Approach

We hold strong common values such as serendipity, curiosity, empathy and connectedness. We strive to contribute to a happy, positive and optimistic working habitat that designs tailor-made approaches for innovative solutions.

 Research and Consulting

We are a pool of professionals who offer human-centred consulting services, applied research and creative workshops, trainings and coachings.

Peer support space

We are a support space network for like-minded professionals where peers can help each other through challenging transitions and processes.